Handcrafted Beetle Kill Pine - Minturn, CO
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Where does Beetle Kill Pine come from you ask?

Mountain pine beetles inhabit ponderosa, lodgepole and scotch pine trees here in Colorado. Normally, these insects play an important role in the life of a forest, attacking old or weakened trees, and speeding development of a younger forest. However, unusual hot, dry summers and mild winters throughout the region during the last few years, along with forests filled with mature lodgepole pine, have led to an unprecedented epidemic.  The current outbreak in the Rocky Mountain National Park began in 1996 and has caused the destruction of millions of acres of ponderosa and lodgepole pine trees. According to an annual assessment by the state’s forest service, 264,000 acres of trees in Colorado were infested by the mountain pine beetle at the beginning of 2013.

Mountain pine beetles affect pine trees by laying eggs under the bark. The beetles introduce blue stain fungus into the sapwood that prevents the tree from repelling and killing the attacking beetles with tree pitch flow. The fungus also blocks water and nutrient transport within the tree. On the tree exterior, this results in popcorn-shaped masses of resin, called “pitch tubes”, where the beetles have entered.  (Wikipedia)

Mountain pine beetles have affected our forests and have turned the mountain sides into giant piles of kindling.  Recently the White River National Forest officials managed a helicopter logging project.  Most of our products are made from the scraps that lay after the officials finished.

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