Handcrafted Beetle Kill Pine - Minturn, CO
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About Us

We are two passionately driven women who ski, snowboard, snowshoe, skate ski, sled, hike, bike and frolic amongst Colorado’s most exuberant Minturn valley.

By trade…Kabbage is a teacher and Hugs is a event marketer. Together, our love for adventure and inability to sit still led us into the creative realm of crafts, woods and markets.

K&H is whatever you want it to be.  If you need custom wood burning done for a client or you want to have personalized s’more sticks for your families awesome home away from home, you can say “you have people,” and we’ll take your ideas and turn it into realities.

We play with wood.  Yep, said it.  But it’s the truth.  And we do it in our front yards.  You can even watch.

If you enjoy our creations, help us continue down the path of living glorious lives in the mountains and pursuing our ‘always outside’ lifestyles!